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Pentatonic Scale Forms
  • Overview
  • Major Pentatonic Example
  • Minor Pentatonic Example

The G-Form Pentatonic Scale - Key of C Major/A minor

This is the most commonly used form for playing a pentatonic scale in rock or blues music. There are two octaves of only five notes represented. The red-colored dots are the root for the major scale (C) and the green dots show the roots for the minor scale (A).

pentatonc scale illustration

So, it seems pretty simple. The C major scale starts on the 6th string, 8th fret C note and the A minor scale begins on the sixth string, 5th fret. It really isn't that simple though. It really depends on whether the music is being played in A minor or C major. Either scale can be played from any note. The video just shows the scales from the root note so you can hear the difference.

Major Pentatonic


The trick is hearing the chord and ending on the right note. In these examples I play solos and try to play solos over the chord changes and end on a good note. Don't make fun of my cheesy chord progressions. It's just an example.

Minor Pentatonic



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